Our Civil Ceremony

When my then-fiancee and I planned on having a civil wedding with 3 months left to prepare, I felt excited and took it on as a challenge. We knew it was going to be very small and it gave me a chance to be more hands-on.

The two main things we wanted for this ceremony: Simple and Special. 

Civil weddings are generally held in court houses. But after doing a lot of reading, we discovered that it wouldn't really cost much if we did it elsewhere. And since this wasn't a church wedding, we could practically have it anywhere. It was immediately clear— we wanted it to be in Central Park, in the Bethesda Terrace (Btw, this was where Chuck and Blair got married!)

One hurdle was finding the event space. Since we were still holding a church wedding in Manila, we knew we didn't want to spend a lot. Admittedly, it was very hard to find. All spaces would cost around $1,500 and up. Some didn't even include the food yet. (It's crazy how much money wedding suppliers make!) Luckily, found a space in Airbnb where the owner was willing to host her space for our post-ceremony dinner and drinks. 

It was perfect. Except the part where we were both the celebrants and the coordinators. We were running around the whole city doing errands left and right.  


Some DIY details from the wedding: 

Can't wait to plan for the church wedding! ❤️